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Introducción al papel de la naringina

12 de octubre de 2021

The efficacy and role of naringin:

1. Antibacterial, antiviral

Naringin and hesperetin can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Shigella and Typhoid bacillus in the test tube. Naringin has an inhibitory effect on yeast and fungi, and it can prevent virus-infected mice. Protective effects. Naringina and hesperidin in grapefruit are similar to other flavonoids and have anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Lower blood sugar

The fresh grapefruit juice contains insulin-like ingredients, which can lower blood sugar, and is a good food therapy for patients with diabetes and obesity.

3. Antispasmodic and enhance the effect of vitamin C

Naringin contained in grapefruit has obvious antispasmodic effect. On the other hand, naringo peel and hesperidin can improve the blood cell aggregation in the bulbar conjunctiva blood vessels and the decrease of capillary resistance caused by the lack of vitamin C in mice.

4. Expectorant and antitussive

The outer skin of grapefruit is the traditional Chinese medicine orange red. The limonene and pyrene contained in it can make the respiratory secretions become more and more thin after inhalation, which is conducive to the discharge of sputum, has a good expectorant and antitussive effect, and is a good product for the treatment of chronic cough and asthma in the elderly and phlegm due to deficiency and cold. .

Naringin can inhibit the damage of oxidative stress to the internal organs of the body, thereby improving the body's immunity and enhancing the body's ability to resist diseases. The antioxidant function of naringin has a lot to do with its two more active phenolic hydroxyl groups. Phenolic hydroxyl groups can increase superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and catalase (CAT) by combining with free radicals, active oxygen molecules and certain transition metal ions in the body And other activities, play an anti-oxidant effect.